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Life Insurance


The Super Term Plan is a US Dollar non-participating, renewable, convertible term insurance plan. The minimum age at issue is 18. The maximum age is dependent upon the term chosen such that the issue age plus the term cannot exceed 70.
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This product has five basic benefits: Death, Terminal Illness, Accidental Dismemberment, Total and Permanent Disability due to an accident, and Accident, In-Hospital Income. The payments for all accident benefits vary between 75% and 125% of the benefit otherwise payable, dependent upon certain safety conditions.
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This plan is an endowment insurance plan available to persons aged between 18 and 60 where premiums are paid either monthly or annually for 20 years – the expiry date. The plan is available for four sums insured: US$20,000, US$30,000, US$40,000 or US$50,000. The sum insured is paid upon diagnosis of cancer, a heart attack, major burns, coma or paralysis provided that this diagnosis does not occur during the first 180 days following issue of the policy.
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This is an equity-linked insurance plan available to anyone between the ages of 20 to 60, and provides a benefit in the event of death, or upon diagnosis of one of the 21 conditions covered.


This plan is very similar to Ultra Life, except that it is issued to policyholders up to age 60 and the policy terminates at age 75, or on the 20th policy anniversary, if later.


This is an equity-linked Universal Life-type plan issued to policyholders aged 0-80, and offers a flexible approach to personal financial planning needs whilst providing life coverage.


This policy provides up to US$50,000 upon diagnosis of most forms of cancer, a heart attack or a stroke.
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